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The foundation of the Quade experience is the Circle.  Each Quade Circle has ten professionally guided roundtables and one retreat each year. These roundtables are designed to confidentially work through each Ally’s opportunities and challenges with 8-10 high caliber entrepreneurs and executives from non-competing organizations.  These peers will offer insight and accountability that your subordinates, friends and family cannot.

The Quade Circle

A group of Allies aligned to engage, educate and empower each other to best execute all aspects of their lives.


10 professionally guided, in person meetings of Allies including experiential based discussions, personalized strategic planning and peer accountability


A yearly commitment to a stronger connection with your Allies and deeper explorations of the Circle's professional, family and individual lives


An opportunity to recognize and appreciate your strengths and vulnerabilities on the way to self-awareness


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Engagement begins each roundtable with updates from the previous month focused on each Ally’s professional, family and personal lives.  Progress measurement and accountability exist during this segment.

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Education programming is specifically designed for each Quade Circle to provide personal and professional growth.  Programming may include subject matter experts, topical discussions or individual  assessments.  Self-awareness becomes the bedrock of personal and professional success.

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Empowerment is a process that fosters power in people for use in their own lives, their communities and in their society, by acting on issues they define as important.  During each roundtable, two Allies will spotlight an opportunity or challenge they are facing.  Their peer Allies will share their own personal experiences to assist the presenter in developing a strategic approach to their opportunity or challenge.

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Execution ends each roundtable as the Allies set goals, identify tools necessary for success and establish how they wish to be held accountable.

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"Quade was founded due to the impact that being a member of an executive peer group has had on my family as well as my personal and professional life.  I have been challenged, supported, cheered and chided by YPO Forum mates.  We have laughed together, cried together and, most importantly, grown together.  Without my Forum, I would not be the leader, father, husband nor person I am today. 

The challenges faced by executives are not defined by the size of an executive's company nor that person's age, race, gender or experience level.  Quade is here for first time executives, long tenured executives, venture capital and private equity backed executives, and executives whose companies are flourishing or floundering.  Quade exists to help executives grow with support and insight from others who have faced similar opportunities and challenges."


Mark McFatridge, Quade Founder & Guide

Quade Circles are now forming in the Indianapolis, IN area

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